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This page explains the IOC committee charter and operation.


We want an organization that ensures that researchers have access to a digital environment that really helps them move forward in what they are doing now and in the future. We do this by challenging each other with inspiring ideas and plans and making the best possible choices. And, by bridging the gap between faculties and services at all levels. Digitization is not an isolated activity of an ICT department or staff department, it is part of everyone's work. And that requires ownership of the digital agenda in various places in the organization, including in the education and research organization.

The following vision has been included in the research vision about the role of ICT in research: �An important development is the ongoing digitization of our society. The explosive increase in digital data ("data explosion") poses new questions and challenges to science. The enormous amount of (open) data, for example, offers new opportunities to conduct research. At the same time, science is needed to use that data in a meaningful way. There is a great need for models, methods and techniques to unlock, search, analyze and visualize the amount of data. In addition, new methods are being developed, such as artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI), that (may) influence the way we conduct research. While ICT is mainly seen as supporting, the above developments show that ICT creates new possibilities for research. The influence of the data explosion and new methods, such as AI, potentially have a major impact on research in certain areas. The UvA will have to relate to this.�


De ICT voor Onderzoek Commissie (IOC) adviseert de UOC en de Regiegroep ICT gevraagd en ongevraagd met betrekking tot de digitale agenda, het meerjaren uitvoeringsplan (prioriteiten, innovatie-voorstellen) en ICT-gerelateerde onderwerpen in het domein onderzoek. De commissie betrekt bij de advisering nationale en internationale ontwikkelingen. De commissie stelt een digitale concept agenda op (ondersteund door IM en AcZ en betrekt hierbij relevante stakeholders). De digitale agenda en het meerjarenplan worden uiteindelijk vastgesteld door het CvB. De diensten ICTS en UB zijn verantwoordelijk voor de uitvoering van het meerjarenplan. De monitoring van de uitvoering vindt plaats door de beleidsafdeling Informatiemanagement (IM).

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